Where last weekend was truly epic, this weekend is delectably lazy.

Last weekend, I spent with my son in the NYC metro area. We crashed in Elmsford, NY (and drove through Sleepy Hollow for full effect) and saw a Yankees game (they won 10-0, a 1-hit shutout, vs the Chitown White Sox), and I taught my son some of the advantages of traveling (namely, eating take-out Italian food sans pants). Spending the weekend with my son was incredibly fun, and I think we both learned a lot about each other, and will remember it forever.

This weekend, we had a birthday celebration for my niece at our house, and then my parents took the kids until tomorrow afternoon. Last night, the wife and I played some Killer Bunnies and other table-top games with my niece and our good friend from down the way, and then stayed up too late watching the boob toob.

Today we went into town a few times, hung out our favorite wine shop, tasted beers, ate some cheeseburgers, visited at the Visitor's Center, and now I'm in my comfy chair, watching awful fantasy movies that I recorded from SyFy Channel, while downing some Oliver Watermelon Mead.

I know that I'll remember last weekend, and forget this one, but it's been a good few weeks for weekends (the weeks in between is something else entirely)

Now, on with the bad movies. I've already watched Riverworld (and regret that they only made the pilot episode), and now I'm watching DragonQuest, which sucks as much as I was expecting. After this, it's onto another Asylum flick, Merlin and the War of the Dragons.

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