It's before 7. I've driven the hour to work, and the coffee is almost gone, but the moon is beautiful.

Well, today I've been planning a refi of our house, and sorting out
particulars for our NY adventure at the beginning of April.

The refinance looks like it's going to be very good. More than 1% less
on the interest rate, plus cash out, to pay off my car and have money
left over.

As for NYC, we've got most of our itinerary full, though it's fuller
than I would like for a relaxing vacation, but it will still be a blast!

Friday: We see The Elephant Man at the Elmwood Playhouse
( (we know the director ;-))

Saturday: We will be seeing Tim Minchin in the city after I stop at the
Carnegie Deli for a Reuben

Sunday: Day game at Yankee Stadium. If I'm lucky, we'll get to see a

Like most geeks, I use Firefox as my web browser. The real beauty of Firefox, isn't just it's F/OSS nature, but the fact that it is SO extensible.

Here's the list of extensions I use on my primary machine:

Application: Firefox (0000000000)

Operating System: Linux (x86-gcc3)


I can blog from my phone!

This is my view on a typical Sunday

Since it's now official that bBlog is dead, I'm going to start using blogger. My old posts will live on (since there were a shitload of them) at

Now... if I could just come up with something to say ;-)

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