And it's frickin' cold out!

Pretty well done for being super pissed while sewing ;-)

But I will take it

Last night, my wife and I went to see Romeo and Juliet at the Sydney Harman Center, as the first play of our season tickets, but first we went back to Jaleo.

I think that it's the steepest bill I've gotten so far there, but all of the food was wonderful, and I've started to gain a taste for aperitifs and post-dinner drinks. I started with a Fino sherry, and my sweetie had the "Aqua Valencia" which was cava, vodka, Cointreau and orange juice (quite tasty). The sherry that I had really did open up the palate and make me a bit hungrier than I already was. Then we ordered several tapas, including a really tasty ‘pintxo’ of anchovies, manzanilla olives and piparra peppers. There were two orders of the bacon wrapped dates (heavenly!), and a bottle of Volvoreta Probus (2005) Tinta de Toro, which was a fantastically complex wine that complimented everything quite well. After dinner we each had a glass of dessert wine, my wife getting Espumoso de Moscatel, which was a delicate and fruity sparkling wine, and I had the Casta Diva Muscat (2003), which was much sweeter, but went very well with the flan.

The production of Romeo and Juliet had a twist, in that they had an all male cast (like in the Olde Times ;-)), and was very well done. I do have to say though... I'm not the biggest fan of Romeo and Juliet, since I've just seen it too many times, and it's not as easy to keep me interested with it as it is with Hamlet, as an example, which I have seen just as many times.

My mom dropped the kids off at my office this morning, and my poor wife I'm sure is still upset about having to get up at 0500 with me, but that's the price for getting culture when you live out in the sticks like we do.

That I enjoy theatre night?


My second cup of Earl Grey today. Tasty

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