Let's see... Wednesday was the demo that I had been working on for the past two weeks, and it went VERY well. Better than I thought I could pull it off even, and I have a very high opinion of myself. The week before that, my wife and I saw Mike Doughty at the Birchmere (on Tuesday the 9th, the day before her birthday) and that was excellent! It had been since about 1996 since I had seen Mike Doughty live, and that was with Soul Coughing.

This past Friday, we went to see the Yard Dogs Road Show with Indigo Belly Dance at the Birchmere, and that was also excellent. Bought several CDs, and was thoroughly entertained.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with my 4 year old daughter (dressed as Princess Fiona) and my niece (dressed as a horny wench). I was their pirate/rogue escort. We had a great time, but goodness, does my daughter wear me out. The final mileage for the day was 252 from Front Royal to Leesburg, to Annapolis and back. Whew!

From what EK told me over and over and over again, she enjoyed the RenFest, so I think she's got the geek genes. As for the other child... He's grounded. He's been lying a lot lately, and not getting house or schoolwork done. So, he's got 2 weeks where the only "fun" he gets to have is baseball, since I'm not going to let his irresponsibility force his team to have to forfeit games.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I'm about ready for bed. As soon as my wife beats the Special Cup in 100cc bikes in Mario Kart Wii.

Good night, internets.

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