Carmenere, black sambuca, espresso.

From left to right: espresso, Grand Marnier truffle, black sambuca

Seasoned lamb chops w/ rhubarb chutney, new potatoes, butternut squash and onion, red lettuce salad w/ apricots, walnuts, cranberry stilton and a balsamic vinagrette, and El Ganador Malbec, 2006. Best part? I'm eating at home.

There are drink holders in the johns...

Muy delicioso

I am coming to the conclusion, that I've had it really cushy for the past 10 years. I've had positions with different companies and with this company that have been very sedentary in nature, in that I've never been tasked with a lot of travel, and the greatest responsibility has been making sure that all the IT systems were up. Not to say that IT management isn't a challenge, but it certainly hasn't been as gung-ho as the past little bit.

I'm not the customer facing technical guy for most of the installs and demos of our latest and greatest gear, and we've been targeting and getting hits from more and more customers. This means for me, that I've been on the road at least one day out of the past 3 weeks, and will be on the road the next two as well. (Yes, that means the week of Turkey Day, but I'll be back before it's time to loosen my belt)

Add to the mix, that my wife has successfully quit smoking (where I have failed) and successfully embarking on a new diet and outlook (I'm very, very proud of my sweetie!) and you have a Lehi who is very stressed, very busy, never at home, and really would like someone to pay for 2 weeks of him lying on a beach with his wife and drinking.

I've not been able to get much of anything in my personal life done, so it's probably a good thing that I've always been a slacker in that arena to begin with, but now the fact that I've got two Dungeons and Dragons games that I'm committed to every week is even becoming trying. I love playing, and don't want to give it up, but the lack of time is really frustrating. Not to mention all of the TV that I'm missing, even with the technology of DVR's.

The upside is, that this will be great for my company, and I really do love working here. The people are fantastic, the technology is exciting, and it's a good work environment. So I'm looking forward to the time when we really start to pick up and make boatloads of money, and I get a fat raise, and an assistant to take some of my workload off.


My wife loves me!

The view from my Lunchtime Parking Spot

Having a wonderful time... Wish you were here.

Off to a good start with the Guinness.

@helenmosher was wrong... Sisters of Mercy = awesome live!


Not as elegant as my static rig, but it fits in one bag!


Driving to Newark in style :-p

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