Got married. Stopped drinking. Life is good. 

I've got one bairn that isn't feeling well (el Boyo), and two sleeping... Tomorrow I go back into the office, but I've got to stay up and keep an eye on the boy. I have also changed my mind on trying to blog from this tablet. More tomorrow.

So... Here's what going on at the moment:

The job I started in May is still AWESOME.

The girl I'm seeing is more than AWESOME.

Kids are good, and there's another on the way in January. AWESOME.

What can I say... Life is good!

I need to completely reorganize my online life... I have ancient blogs and out of date information everywhere... Finding the time to do this, however, will be interesting. So much stuff in so many places.

I went to the FR Moose Lodge (#829) for the first time after work, on a weekday, yesterday... It was like having my own "Cheers". I had at least a dozen people as where I've been, what I've been up to, was I okay.

I love that!

One of my co-workers passed away today. He was only 59, and suffered a series of strokes. He leaves behind a wife and two boys. It makes me think about my mortality, but as a friend of mine pointed out, "Life Life Full Throttle." I like that.

RIP, Dan.

Tonight I will be babysitting my daughter, while my son is camping, and my wife is out. The rules for this evening are simple:
1) I will drink at least two drinks of the highest vote
2) I will count the votes at 1700 EST
3) Votes will be cast either in comments here, or on Facebook, or @ replies on Twitter
4) If I have to buy a bottle that costs more than $40, the drink is disqualified (however, I already have an extensive collection of different liquors at home)

That's pretty much it.

What should I drink tonight?

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