I'm getting a bit excited...

My son had a sleepover this weekend, and his friend noticed one of my Dungeons and Dragons posters on the wall. This started a line of questions about my favored character type, and pretty quickly had me asking the two of them if they wanted me to run a game for them.

We spent the next few hours building characters for the two of them, and once they both had plenty of rope in their backpacks, they kept pestering me to play... I have some really low level modules, but they are all geared toward parties of six or more, so I put it off until this coming weekend, and told them to recruit more players at school.

I'm happy to announce that they now have a full party of six, and it's pretty well rounded:

  • Klarcke - Level 1, half-elf cleric, NG (played by my Boy)
  • Clupix - Level 1, gnome rogue, CG (played by the Instigator)
  • Badush - Level 1, half-orc barbarian, CG (I've been informed that this player wants to also be a wizard, which would be a cool multiclass)
  • Leo - Level 1, elf ranger, CG
  • Benjamin Prospel - Level 1, human wizard, LG
  • Aaron - Level 1, half-elf fighter, TN
Those are the character names, in case there was any confusion. I'm also very pleased to note, that my son figured out some cool things I'm going to work into the plot, just from reading the character sheet. He noted the "Languages Spoken" section, and goaded two of his friends into the elven races, so that they could have "private" conversations.

I've run him through at least one dungeon crawl, but I never taught him that stuff. I'm going to have to make sure that I use that as a plot device.

I'm just now realizing that it's literally been years since I DM'ed a game, and I've got a lot of work to do before Saturday. This is some work that I'll definitely enjoy.


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