I know... that was a horrible pun.

I got the cast removed today, and I've got an Air Cast now. I am supposed to be able to start putting weight on it soon, and the doc reckons I may be able to drive my Subaru next week. THAT I am happy about.

I've found thatI have very little range of movement in my ankle, in fact less than I was expecting (though I didn't really know what to expect). I have maybe 5% of movement, moving my toes towards or away from my knee.

I do love the fact that I can have my foot FREE!

I also love the fact that I can STAND without my crutches, though I did make kind of an ass of myself while demonstrating this in the living room, where I dropped my crutches to the ground, directly out to the sides, then looked in dismay at how far away they were. Luckily, while my wife was laughing, my six year old daughter rescued me, and picked up the crutches.

I do still have a long way to go. I am going to be in this brace for at least 6 weeks.

That's all for today. I'm gonna go stretch my ankle out.


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