I really need to try harder on my post titles, but right now, I'm not too concerned with it. My capitalization may also be fscked today.

I woke up this morning and was more tired than usual, and then halfway through my commute into work when the headache started. It started off without any pain, which is usually the case, and sometimes I can roll through without it really "hurting" just with the blurred vision. Once I got to work, though... Now I consider it to be MUCH too bright at my desk, and the thought of doing anything with a database today is not helping.

I've got some nice, mellow, ambient music on the headphones. I'm going to plug it. Right now I'm listening to Jesse Stern's "Nine Lives of a Healer" and while googling for the album, I found that there's a Meditation Podcast as well, which I'm going to add to my podcatcher momentarily.

Next in the queue is "Audio Stereo Grams" by Jeff Goins, another very mellow ambient disc. I originally bought them for gaming music, to play in the background, which they work wonderfully for, but they are also working out well as migraine music.

As for the needs company bit, I'm having lunch with my niece today. I'm not skipping it, since I need to get out of the office, I think.


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