As I "thumb" this out, my wife is tapping away at the laptop on the same subject. I can easily summarize this weekend with, "Just what I needed."

I will probably compile all of the tweets and photos into a megapost filled with links and commentary, but in the meantime, I will narrate what happened and what we did (at least until "typing" on my phone becomes unbearable)

Friday: We dropped the kids off and hit the road. Took I-81 north to Harrisburg, and then I-78 east to I-287, which took us to the White Plains area and our hotel. A comedy note: if you say Tappan Zee Bridge like Sgt Schultz, it's hilarious.

We met up with Julie at the hotel (Hampton Inn, my personal fave, since they are consistently nice, and you get Hilton points), and Deb showed up soon after.

ugh. I'm getting cramps in my thumbs and wrists, so I'm gonna hit PAUSE in the story.

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