Alright, so we met up with Deb, and followed her from Elmsford to Nyack. It's a nice little village a little west of Tarrytown/Elmsford (across the Hudson). We then met up with the lovely Lexa from California, and Deb's husband John, and had dinner at a small Italian joint on the main drag of Nyack.

After dinner, a little coffee and then we saw The Elephant Man at the Elmwood Playhouse, which was directed by none other, than the aforementioned Deb! The play was fantastic, and presented in a unique manner. Instead of theatre-in-the-round, it was, as John put it, theatre-in-the-alley. The seating was on either side of the center of the room, and raised. While watching the play, you were constantly aware that there was someone sitting directly across from you. I must say, I was very impressed with the entire thing.

After the play, we met up with some of the cast at a bar down the street called Chance. Nice place, and good booze. Didn't eat anything there aside from the artichoke mousse on some flatbread, but it was good as well, and all of the food I saw looked pretty tasty.

After that, we headed back to the hotel (all minus John, who went home to relieve the babysitter) and watched Strange Brew, and some other funnies on the room teevee and hung out until about 3am or so.

Next post, next day :-)


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