Ten Years

This coming Friday, I will have been married to my lovely wife for ten years. It doesn't feel like that long most of time, but sometimes it does ;-)

Anyway, we're going to do our normal anniversary thing on Friday, which is dinner at M&S Grill (formerly Angelo and Maxie's) in Reston, maybe see a movie, and crash at the Hyatt. Oh, and during dinner, we always call my best man, and give him a load of shit for saying it wouldn't last six months. (Let's see, that makes him 20 times wrong this year!).

The big special thing we're going to do this year is Ireland. In May, we're going to spend a bit over a week in the UK, mostly Ireland, and England for a few days. So... If anyone wants to get us anything, money for Ireland is the way to go ;-)

Now, I've got to figure out something special to get her for Friday :-D


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