My son's ninth birthday is coming up at the end of the month, so we got him a present. He had been using my original iPod purchase (4 years ago, a 4GB Mini) and it finally crapped out completely, so I told him that for his ONE present, he could pick the color of a new Nano. He chose PRODUCT(red), which is fine with me. I ordered it at the end of July and had it engraved, and we gave it to him early.

Monday night, I commented to him that he needs to be more careful with it, since it's by far, the most expensive thing he's ever had (noting that the cost was more than the crappy old 13" TV, cheap DVD player and PlaystationOne combined, that he has in his room on weekends) [I think he may be a bit spoiled, now that I type that out]. He HAS been getting a lot of use out of the iPod and he loves it, but he wore out the neoprene case that I got for it, by removing the iPod over and over and over.

I found a different case that was available at the local Target in town, so I recommended to my lovely wife, that she pick that up for him on Tuesday after swimming lessons.

About 1130 on Tuesday, I get a call on my cell. It's my wife, who says, "I'm too upset right now to tell you, so I'll have the boy tell you."

"Okay, put him on." Insert *sigh* here.

Boy: "Hi, Dad."
Me: "What's up, bud?"
Boy: "I had my iPod in my pocket when I went in the pool."
Me: ...long pause... "You're kidding, right?"
Boy: "No."
Me: "I'm assuming it no longer works. Is that correct?"
Boy: "Yes, sir." and then adds in a WAY too indignant tone, "Well, isn't there a warranty on it?"
Me: somewhat peeved by the attitude, "Now is NOT the time to be asking me about a warranty. Please let me talk to your mother."

So, now it's dead, and I'm going to see if Apple will replace it. The boy and I had a long talk yesterday about carelessness, and whatnot. I'm still not very pleased.


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