Last night on my way home, shortly after turning onto VA-234, the passenger rear tire on my trusty Subaru blew out (nothing too violent, but I had to get off the road pretty quick). I made NASCAR like time in changing it (under 10 minutes, judging by the timing of calls to my wife in my call log) and that includes getting the piles of crap out of the cargo area of my car to get AT the spare.

I called SWMBO then, to have her look up a nearby NTB, and thought, "Wait a second! This Garmin Nuvi has information like that in it!" I looked up auto repair near my position, and scrolled down until I found an NTB, and lo-and-behold, one 6 miles, on the same road, in Manassas. I thanked my wife for her valiant efforts, and headed east to get new rubber.

Since we are going to NYC this weekend in the 'ru, and that's gonna be a long trip, I turned down the free "road hazard warranty repair" of plugging the tire, and got two new skins for the rear of the car, and a precision balance (since I'm not a fan of vibration over 70MPH) Within 40 minutes of arriving, I was outta there and on the way home. (The Nuvi did give me some bogus directions that I ignored until it figured it out, but that's okay... I'll forgive poor Karen. She's from the other side of the planet.)

Check out my twitter or brightkite feeds tomorrow to track our progress to the Big Apple ;-)


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